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Palmira Hotels

At Palmira Hotels, we consider it our duty to act in a socially responsible manner toward our clients and employees, as well as with the local community and the environment in general.

Sustainability palmira hotels

We work to reduce the impact of our emissions on the planet as much as possible so that our customers can enjoy a welcoming space that respects the environment. To this end, we prioritise suppliers who use environmental management systems, who have earned international certifications and who invest in reducing their environmental impact.

So that we can support the local region, we are committed to sourcing quality local produce (0 km) to use in the gastronomic offerings of our hotels. Our main objective is to maintain a fair supply chain that adds value to the service we provide and that is in line with the sustainable way in which we carry out our business activity.

We also collaborate with NGOs and non-profit organizations and we uphold the values of equality, inclusion and respect.

We are committed to maintaining an ethos of fair tourism that befits the 21st century.